Thursday, January 17, 2019

BlackPlayer EX 20.32

Whats New For BlackPlayer EX 20.32-BETA ?

» (NEW) Added ‘Concept 2’ Now Playing theme. The Theme is missing a preview image in the select Theme window, it will be added later.
» (NEW) Added option to Revert back to previous Play-queue. Found in play-queue page, overflow button.
» (NEW) Added Voice play feature! Found as a Quick action, double-tap action or as one of the customizable buttons in Now Playing page. BlackPlayer will play the Artist, Album or Track Title that you speak.
» Improved images in Artist grid, loads faster and should improve overall memory of the app.
» Updated ‘Dark 2’ Now Playing theme.
» Slightly larger Album cover in lockscreen.
» Added option open left Sliding menu as double-tap action or favorite action in Now playing page.
» Added ‘Add To Blacklist’ option to Artist and Albums long-press dialog. Will add all Tracks and the Artist/Album to the blacklist.
» Using the ‘Equalizer’ Quick-action in Now Playing should now navigate you to Equalizer page correctly.
» Fixed bug could cause Now Playing to be completely transparent.
»Slightly better looking Now playing page when in split screen.
»Updated translations.

BlackPlayer will take you in a new world of song Experiance.

So with a lengthy paragraph I’m not going to make bored.
I want my viewers are happy and supportive.
So I’m directly going about BlackPlayer Ex Modded App.

BlackPlayer EX

• BlackPlayer Ex is a Modded/Cracked application.
• Its main option is customisation.
•You can customise that app as how much you want.
• Like that the programmer coded that app.
• Its UI is very closer for Users.
• You can change its colour, Options and many things.
• Most played Option is there to hear songs unusually without searching it from all the songs.
• Create Playlist- You can create your own playlists., So that you can play selected songs easily.
• Using equilazer you can control is bass, clarity, volume and much for your better Experiance.
• BlackPlayer EX is made with a tons of modification option for the users.
• Much more.
By staying to using it.
You will start to fall in Love with BlackPlayer EX.
No doubt.
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